About Bruce Bellamy

Bruce Bellamy is a 29 year film industry professional. He has worked in many departments and has a thorough understanding of the labor and social dynamics of the world “behind the lens”. He studied art design and electronics at Los Angeles City College. He has film and TV credits as a grip, electrician, art director, set dresser, production designer and primarily as an on set dresser. He tends to temper his hard hitting literary style with warmth, humor and compassion. He welcomes open and honest debate but in his words, “If you don’t want an honest answer, don’t ask me”. He has been described as a “Teddy Bear with Talons”.


“If you don’t enjoy the first two sentances, skip to the end or skip it all together”. BB

“Only the incompetent ever need panic”

“By the time a BOY says, perhaps someone should…a MAN has done it”


Bruce Bellamy







One thought on “About Bruce Bellamy

  1. Hey Bruce,

    Did my “homework” as instructed. 🙂

    Really enjoyed the P.A. article, and appreciate the what you said about the “I could go to Home Depot” remark. Looking forward to reading more.

    Liked by 1 person

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